... Tracy identified a business opportunity and founded VIP Trips For Kids Ltd, a unique, bespoke 'group' nanny service. Her years of travelling and childcare experience within many different cultures has given her comprehensive knowledge on how to methodically plan and carry out day trips for children. It gave her the understanding how beneficial it would be for children if nannies were to take children out and about in group settings, how vital this is to creating new opportunities that allow children to reach their full potential, where their social, emotional, physical, language, and long lasting life-skills are advanced.
Her experience of looking after the children of many high-profile and VIP parents, Tracy has a deep understanding of the needs of these parents and their children and created a luxury service to guarantee the highest standard of care for their children.
Having lived in London for many years Tracy knows what this wonderful city has to offer children and how to ensure each child will get the most out of their day out. By implementing the British National Curriculum in a fun and stimulating way through new and challenging adventure activities, VIP Trips For Kids not only provides an arena for children to be further educated without even realising, it also creates long-lasting memories and friendships.
VIP Trips For Kids allows parents to have peace of mind knowing their child is having fun day out whilst they are having some well deserved 'adult' time, have to work and need temporary childcare, have an important event to attend or would just like their child to have a fun, sociable day out with other like-minded children. We also understand the diversity and needs of families wanting to have a their perfect day out organised for them.

 ‘Adventure education is as important as a sit-down lesson and has been proven to contribute immensely to the positive impact of a child's overall development’