VIP Trips For Kids specialised in hiring highly proficient VIP nannies , VIP governesses and VIP Primary School Teachers  on our VIP Day Trips

We provide the best quality top-caliber nannies, governesses and Teachers in London, the children who attend our trips live in London and international holiday visitors

Our VIP professionals who love their job, take pride in their work, are presentable, caring and highly skilled in engaging children in many educational activities and trips. We provide an excellent and efficient service and we only present high calibre candidates to our clients. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable on a personal level, very experienced in VIP Families needs We have a proactive and supportive approach to reach the best level of service.

Why use our service?

1: COUPLES 'DAY DATES' are vital to a happy and successful relationships. It is a great way to show your children how special you are to each other. You both deserve a day together and when your child returns from a day out with VIP TRIPS for KIDS you will all have heaps to talk about over evening dinner! 

2: NEVER MISS AN IMPORTANT EVENT attending important events are necessary and teach invaluable lessons to your child. Remember at VIP TRIPS for KIDS your child will be attending their own important event!

3: YOUR CHILD NEEDS A BREAK FROM YOU TOO a day out with VIP TRIPS for KIDS whilst on holiday allows them to experience London in a different way. With their peers they get a chance to have fun on a child's level and make new lifetime friends, building connections in both London and from other parts of the world!

4: HAVE SOME VITAL 'ME' TIME showing children that you matter is very important, it teaches them that being kind to themselves when they get older should be just as important as being kind to others! Having a day out with VIP TRIPS for KIDS gives both you and them some 'me time'. 

Who uses our Service?

Nanny Hire - Exclusive VIP Temporary Childcare

VIP TRIPS for KIDS is revolutionising the Temporary Childcare solution! A perfect alternative to a temporary day or evening child care, we take your child out and about to explore their favourite London attractions. It's the perfect opportunity for your child to be outside away from screens and make new friends. We guarantee they'll be asking to come back!

Hotel Family - Exclusive to Luxury Hotel Guests

Parents staying in Luxury Hotels are now choosing VIP TRIPS for KIDS as an alternative childcare solution! A day or evening trip with us allows your child to experience London on a child's level and you have some worry free time to experience London and do something just as fun! Years of babysitting at luxury hotels such as The Ritz, The Dorchester and The Savoy, founder Tracy realised how much more beneficial it is for children to be out and about having fun and making new friends during their holiday in London, so much to see for everyone and so much to see!

London Family - London Families love using VIP Trips For Kids 

Families living in London understand the invaluable benefits of our children's day & evening activities with VIP TRIPS for KIDS! We understand that sometimes it's difficult juggling activities for siblings, our days out are the perfect solution as your child joins their age-appropiate group for exciting age-appropiate activities! Or perhaps there are activities that you just don't enjoy such as theme parks or ice-skating, don't let this prevent your child from these experiences and let Trip For Kids take the lead!