Health & Safety Policy

1.1: Parental Consent

i: No learners will be allowed to participate in any activity, or day trip, without the written consent of parent or carer.

ii: Consent forms should provide parents / carers with a rundown of all events that will take place within the VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD program. Parents or carers should be given the opportunity to opt out of any activity that they do not wish their child to partake in or their child chooses not to partake in.

iii: VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD understands it has a duty to support parents and carers in completing parental consent forms and communicating information to parents and carers in a way that allows them to make an informed decision on their child’s care. Consent forms should be agreed by the Director of VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD with experience of Data Protection and the Safeguarding of young people.

iv: Consent forms are confidential and any information provided on them may not be shared with any other party unless consent has been sought from the parent or carer, the information provided on the consent forms will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In line with this act data can be shared in the event of safeguarding the individual or in the event of a criminal act. 

v: Forms handed in by a young person should then be followed up with a phone call to ensure the guardian understands the information provided and the signature is genuine.

vi: Consent for the use of Image

vii: Parental consent will be sought for the use of images of young people under the age of 16. Any photographic or video images will only be used for purposes stated on the consent form, and will only be shared with partners and external organisations if given express permission to do so. VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD  work with a large number of young people and consent cannot be assumed, and any images that are to be used for external promotion should be checked by the individuals key worker to ensure the use of images will not cause harm to the individual or VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD.    

1.2: Health Information Consent Forms

i: All children and young people on any activity should have completed a Health Information and Consent Form that are held in duplicate.

ii: A copy of the forms is kept secure and accessible at the VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD office, and one copy is to be kept by a named Key-worker present on the day trip; these need to be accessible during all activities.  

1.3: Staff Supervision during activities and trips

i: VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD acknowledges that when working with young people, higher levels of staff is best practice. We therefore aim to have a ratio of 1:3 for our work with 5 to 14 year olds. This ratio’s must be maintained at all times, In the event that a child needs to be escorted home the ratio of the remaining staff must still meet the documented limits. The worker who is escorting home would either need to be accompanied or work under the lone working policy. This should be agreed with a senior manager, who is not on site, prior to decisions being made.

  1. The following ratios should apply to the following age groups:
  2. For Juniors: the ratio is one staff member to three children. For Tweens: the ratio is one staff member to three children. For Seniors: the ratio is one staff member to three children
  3. Staff and volunteers will follow the usual good practice guidelines.
  4. A log will be kept of all daily activities and any incidences recorded.
  5. Staff and volunteers will meet at least daily for briefing/supervision meetings
  6. At least one staff member should be experienced in leading a day out with VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD.

1.4: Health and Safety

i: Personal Safety: It is the responsibility of all workers to know the whereabouts of all children and young people involved in the activity. Children and younger people will be given full guidance of permitted areas of access and any rules related to the movement around or off site. Only young people whose parents have agreed to access off site activities will be allowed unsupervised access for short, specific periods of time (for example: shopping, short walks).

ii: First Aid: All VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD workers will be First Aid Certified and one worker on each trip will be appointed as Head First Aider during any excursion and this will be made known to the children, young people and parents. He/she will ensure that:

•A first aid box is provided and the location is made known.

•The first aid box contains items as required for group size and activity.

•Any accidents and injuries are recorded in the first aid log book and on the individuals
first aid form.

•That the location and telephone numbers of the nearest doctor and hospital is readily

•That all medication for the young people is kept in a secure place and is administered in
the way indicated by the parents on the medical consent forms.

•That all medication and a first aid box, is available during all journeys taken as part of
the trip.

1.5: Disciplinary procedure

i: Young people and parents must be informed before the residential trip what types of behaviour will result in them being sent home or removed from an activity and the day trip. At all VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD young people will be made aware that the possession or use of any illegal substances or alcohol will result in them being removed from the trip. So too will any behaviour that the lead worker deems to be dangerous or harmful, either physically or emotionally to any other member of the group or staff, or behaviour that is judged to be seriously inappropriate. An offsite manager is on call and should be contacted to act as guarantor, or sounding board of any disciplinary action that require parents to be called and or learners to be removed from activities / trip. This would include complaints from the residential/ activity site.

ii: Sending young people home: If for any reason a young person needs to be removed from a trip, the parents must be informed immediately as to why the young person is being removed and what arrangements have been made to transport the young person home. The parents must consent to an independent journey being made and parents may be asked to pay the cost of any travel arrangements. If consent for an independent journey is not given, parents must immediately collect their child from the trip or request for a staff member to escort the child home, either by private vehicle or public transport, the parents can be asked to cover the costs of transport for both the staff member and child. If a staff member cannot be spared from the residential as this will affect the staff-child ratio, a member of staff with a current DBS certificate will need to travel up to the residential and escort the child home. 

1.6: Fire Safety

i: Everyone on an activity will be made aware of the danger of fire. Where a building is used, everyone will be made aware of fire exits and, where appropriate, a drill will be practised on the first day of the residential.

ii: Site Safety: The use of any activity site will be checked for compliance with health and safety regulations for its use and special consideration will be given to the use of fires and electrical appliances.

iii: Risk Assessments: It is the responsibility of the Management lead to review the risk assessments provided by any attraction centre and ensure evidence of insurance has been provided.

iv: Please email [email protected] if you would like to have a copy of a Site Specific Attraction Risk Assessments.

1.7: Transportation for Day Trips

i: Taking care of children and young people who are away from home involves special additional responsibility for their wellbeing at all time. Staff should be prepared for all eventualities and anticipate situations where there is the potential for harm. Staff must take measures to minimise these risks. The guidance provided below is in addition to all previous points which should also be practised in preparation for and during a residential activity.

ii: Transportation: The staff member responsible for the trip will ensure that any driver will have adequate car insurance if they are transporting children in related activities. When a minibus is used, the staff members responsible for the trip will ensure that appropriate insurance and permits are in place for the use of the minibus and that the driver holds a valid licence and are CRB checked. 

iii: Workers may not transport individual young people in their vehicles as this exposes both workers and young people to unnecessary levels of risk. Exceptions can be made when if the following applies:

iv: All travel, whether via public transport or in private vehicles, must be risk assessed, as well as being covered by the normal levels of staff ratios and first aider provision.

1.8: Insurance

i: VIP TRIPS FOR KIDS LTD holds appropriate insurance for public liability and will ensure appropriate insurance policies are in place at any of our attractions. Parents and young people will be advised that they require their own insurance for the purposes of personal accident and personal property.