Amelia Family

I visited London to attend the Giles International School for my English Language course. I had been recommended VIP Trips For Kids by a friend who'd used the service on her recent visit to London and I had every faith Trips For Kids would provide my daughter with a fun, educational and memorable week. My daughter had such an amazing time that I booked her in for another week and several days throughout my stay throughout the month I was in London. My daughter made new friends, improved her English and very noticeably became less self-conscious and a sociable girl. The cost was amazing and would have been double the price if I were to hire a private nanny, pay for the entrance fees travel to the attractions and lunch for both my child and nanny. I would highly recommend VIP Trips For Kids to anyone visiting London!


Cottrell Family

Mother of boys aged 10 & 8 Yrs
Executive Director - UNICEF UK
“My boys loved meeting new children, it definitely was confidence building, they both loved it!” 
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Amelia Family

Mother of girl aged 9 Yrs
Interior Designer - Self-employed
'I had every faith VIP Trips For Kids would provide my daughter with a fun and educational week'
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Stevens Family

Mother of boys aged 11 & 14 Yrs
Reflexologist - Wellbeing centre
'I would definitely use VIP Trips For Kids again with no question both of my boys will be super excited!'
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Conway Family

Mother of girls aged 7 & 9 Yrs 
Director - Vavavoom UK 
'In my view, VIP Trips For kids beats any other form of childcare! My girls were educated whilst having fun' 
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