Encouraging Personal and Social Development

A day trip allows for the formation of specific friendships as they join together to participate in decision-making, problem-solving and interpersonal skills in a range of activities and in response to different types of challenges. Studies have proven that the quality of young people’s relationships with their peers and also family members improve. Social interaction teaches values and feelings about other people, it teaches how to give encouragement and support to their peers, and has a positive impact on influencing each other.  For example, during a trip with VIP TRIPSforKIDS to the adventure park 'Go Ape', a child got nervous on one of the climbing frames and froze, unable to continue, the other children in the group began chanting words of encouragement and cheering her on until she did it, this resulted not only in a huge sense of achievement for the child but also group bonding and the awareness of how being supportive towards others is extremely awarding. Behaviours within group interactions have long-lasting positive effects and teach personal coping strategies.

'Day trips impact positively on children and young people’s interpersonal and social skills – effectiveness, communication skills, group cohesion and teamwork'

(Source: A Review of Research on Outdoor Learning, Field Studies Council, London, Dickinson, M, Dillon, J, Teamey, K, Morris, M, Choi, M Y, Sanders, D, and Benefield, P)