Catherine Cottrell

My husband and I had a weekend commitment that we couldn't take the boys to and I was very keen that they had a special day, VIP Trips For Kids delivered! I was very confident to use Trips For Kids having used the professional childcare services of their founder, Tracy Whittington, extensively. Apart from my confidence in Tracy, the programme of activity was just the type of things the boys like to do. I knew Tracy would help everyone get along. One of my boys is less keen on spending time with new children but I know this is a good skill for him to learn and meeting new people is what both my boys enjoyed most about the day. It was nice for them to spend more time with girls and it definitely helped build their confidence. 

I like the boys to be active but one of my boys isn't interested in traditional sports so this was a great way to get them active and always good for them to get time away from devices! Learning to solve problems together is a great skill. It's a fun day out, well organised where your children get to be comfortable in new skills and people in a safe environment where they are positively guided in negotiation and well cared for. Definitely too busy to miss me!


Catherine Cottrell

Mother of boys aged 10 & 8 Yrs
Executive Director - UNICEF UK
“My boys loved meeting new children, it definitely was confidence building, they both loved it!” 
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Marina Amelina

Mother of girl aged 9 Yrs
Interior Designer 
'I had every faith VIP Trips For Kids would provide my daughter with a fun and educational and memorable week'
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Helen Stevens

Mother of boys aged 11 & 14 Yrs 
Reflexologist - Wellbeing centre
'I would definitely use VIP Trips For Kids again with no question both of my boys will be super excited!'
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Joanna Conway

Mother of girls aged 7 & 9 Yrs 
Director - Vavavoom UK 
'In my view, VIP Trips For kids beats any other form of childcare! My girls were educated whilst having fun' 
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